April 03, 2017

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10 Commandments of Fashion x Style – A Men’s Guide by Tristan Young

10 Commandments of Fashion x Style – A Men’s Guide by Tristan Young

Carnival Chasers, Tristan Young here – the stylish guy on #TeamTCD.
One of my mottos is a quote from Marc Jacobs: “To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear”.
If you are a beginner in fashion & style, those words should be your watchwords! I wanted to share with you, the readers of TCD, some of my fundamental tips for personal style. Here are a few that will help you prepare for your next carnival trip!
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1: Thou shalt not try too hard! Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

2: Thou shalt embrace color! It’s Carnival time somewhere and Carnival is all about vibrant colors.. embrace that!

3: Thou shalt splurge when necessary! Options options options!  I’m not saying to break the bank, but with a proper budget and a good eye, you can rack up a lot without becoming homeless

4: Thou shalt know thine size! Get familiar with your body type and what complements it. Quick tip: garments from some brands may say one thing on the label but fit unexpectedly. In this case, a tailor will become your new best friend.

5:  Mix and Match Everything! Prints, colors, patterns, textures… Wearing a straight look from head to toe can feel uniform-ish. The rebel within me won’t conform.

6: Thou shalt care for thine clothes and shoes! I’m no neat freak but I try to take care of what I wear, from removing stains early or handling wrinkles or lint. Storing things away properly will help them to last longer and will protect your investment in your wardrobe!


7: Good style tells a story and creativity sparks conversations as it generates curiosity in your get-up. Hence it’s important to remember what and who you are wearing and its significance for the occasion.

8: Thou shalt invest in accessories! A good timepiece and some chains, for example, can change a wife beater to a rapper real quick…


9: Thou Shalt Be Flexible! Occasion-specific clothing –  like that blazer you saved for your wedding lol – wear it to the club with jeans for a semi-formal look. Get creative!

10: Thou shalt set thine own rules! (Disregard everything that was said lol) Have fun with it… it’s your style, own it.

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