May 22, 2018

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Mardi Gras TT – The Ultimate VIP Street Party

Mardi Gras TT – The Ultimate VIP Street Party

I am sure you have been seeing the ads for Mardi Gras TT and have been wondering what it is all about. Well, we got the scoop !

This VERY VERY VERY affordable mas option (the entire package is less than a Carnival 2014 costume down payment) is borne out of a group of friends who decided that the higher prices were just too exorbitant for Carnival 2014.

The idea is pretty straightforward and simple. Mardi Gras TT provides you with a costume (decorated bikini for the ladies, shorts for the men), Monday wear (t-shirt), food, drinks, music and security for TWO days all for the whopping price of $1000.00 TT.


In addition Mardi Gras TT plans on crossing stage (word is they will be right behind a popular band that crosses early every single year) . I have several friends who were sitting out Carnival 2014 because it was out of their budget who have already signed up with Mardi Gras TT.

Personally I think Mardi Gras TT has put forward an excellent concept for Carnival 2014, especially for masqueraders who just want a fun time on the road . And although the costume might be basic for some , at that price adding extras is totally feasible and still won’t break the bank!

You can find Mardi Gras TT on Facebook for all the information on registration

Or register online at

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