October 21, 2017

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Mardi Gras TT – The Ultimate VIP Street Party

Mardi Gras TT – The Ultimate VIP Street Party

I am sure you have been seeing the ads for Mardi Gras TT and have been wondering what it is all about. Well, we got the scoop !

This VERY VERY VERY affordable mas option (the entire package is less than a Carnival 2014 costume down payment) is borne out of a group of friends who decided that the higher prices were just too exorbitant for Carnival 2014.

The idea is pretty straightforward and simple. Mardi Gras TT provides you with a costume (decorated bikini for the ladies, shorts for the men), Monday wear (t-shirt), food, drinks, music and security for TWO days all for the whopping price of $1000.00 TT.


In addition Mardi Gras TT plans on crossing stage (word is they will be right behind a popular band that crosses early every single year) . I have several friends who were sitting out Carnival 2014 because it was out of their budget who have already signed up with Mardi Gras TT.

Personally I think Mardi Gras TT has put forward an excellent concept for Carnival 2014, especially for masqueraders who just want a fun time on the road . And although the costume might be basic for some , at that price adding extras is totally feasible and still won’t break the bank!

You can find Mardi Gras TT on Facebook for all the information on registration https://www.facebook.com/MardiGrasTT

Or register online at http://www.ticketgateway.com/ticketing/events.php?out=side&shareid=2520

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