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Ms Universe Costume Competition

Ms Universe Costume Competition

Since Trinidad and Tobago has no delegate at the Ms Universe pageant this year (drama with the pageant organizers putting their foot down about lack of sponsorship by Government) I have to admit the whole build up to the pageant holds no interest to me whatsoever. This is a huge departure for me as I am an avid Ms Universe fan, always following the press leading up to the event on websites such as Global Beauties and in fact I went to the Ms Universe pageant in 1999 the year it was held in Trinidad.

Apart from evening gown one of the fun categories for me is National Costume, especially since when it came to our delegates of the past Harts provided the National Costume (recent times have seen this change) which were always elaborate Carnival costumes which to me is quite apt seeing as it is “National” costume and what could be more fitting than an ode to our national festival Carnival!

Remember this winning costume worn by Wendy Fitzwilliam in 1998 which was perfect for her in every way:

Or this one worn by Amanda Jardine:

Heidi Rostant wore this costume in Greece:

And Nicole Dyer’s wining costume the year the pageant was held here:

So it was somewhat bittersweet to view photos from the costume competition of Ms Universe 2007 which was held yesterday as Trinidad and Tobago had no fabulous costume on show yet I still wanted to see the costumes! Of the photos that I did peruse some were nostalgic to what Trinidad and Tobago usually represents while others failed (what happened to Antigua and Barbuda?) Of all the costumes this one is my favourite as I am getting a Myths and Magic vibe from Ms Brazil’s costume, check out them wings!:




Antigua and Barbuda


St. Lucia


For the full gallery of National Costume photos you can visit Global Beauties or the Ms Universe official website.

Good news though, we will be represented at the Ms World pageant by Valene Maharaj (last seen modelling a Fireman costume). Here is wishing her luck in that pageant, pity there will be no costume competition, however! Ah well, there is always 2008 to look forward to.

photo source:
Global Beauties
Trini Pulse
Harts Carnival

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  • Anonymous

    saucy you have to be kidding me, no representative from tnt????wtf?? I live in NYC and always stay up to look at the show only to see the National Costume of Trinidad so that i can brag to the people in the office where i work.
    Now I will be going to bed early!

  • saucydiva

    No I am not, check out this New Day article:,56529.

    At least they got it together for Ms World, but Ms Universe will not be the same.. I too might not even watch.

  • caisoqueen

    Seein that Fireman Costume…brings me total nostalgia!!!!!!!

  • sexy eyes

    lol @ antigua & barbuda’s costume…
    Fireman de Fireman…Ready to bun dem out dere… Haha

  • Carnival Jumbie

    I am boycotting the Ms Universe pageant this year cause we not in it. I think that is a travesty. And for the record I was not the least suprised Valene win. Yes she is a good candidtate overall but it helps that she is one of Elias’ stock models. I could tell yuh who going next year too.(and i actually get that from a inside source)

  • saucydiva

    Jumbie I think you would be a good candidate for Ms Universe.

  • Anonymous

    your kidding right? not for ms universe.

  • saucydiva

    buh wha de jail? Ms Universe self, she has the brains,the figure and the beauty, a total package and a MUCH MUCH better candidate than many contestants I have seen in the past!

  • ‘rah

    Well look lakaray! ‘Stock model pre-selected’ and ‘Jumbie for Miss Universe’ (after de braces come out, right? *grin*). Two items for ‘Best Week Ever!”

  • saucydiva

    ‘rah doh let me sell you out and your pageant days eh.. I know you know bout wearing a crown 😉

  • Anonymous

    i am sorry, the pinnacle for me is the Miss Universe show, Trinidad has the most beautiful women and they are choosing this caliber show not to send a representative??? shame on them.

  • Carnival Jumbie

    Saucy doh even start me nah I been there done that and from My experience is a pack of bobol.STEUPS .If Peter eh want you to be Ms.Universe you can’t be Ms.Universe. Even if I was looking to deal up with Elias and he shit again I too old now anyway girl.I go live with meh small title from back in the day lol.

  • Carnival Jumbie

    oh yeah and’rah is pot calling kettle black..YOU SELF .LOLOLOLOL I macco yuh files on facebook lol

  • saucydiva

    facebook = macco central 😀

  • Prettidolliindecolorsofderainbow

    Okay, which ah allyuh is witholding ‘tory and ting like Wesley and de IRS? Allyuh could help yuh po’ gyel out; is like I’m pon Cyarnival welfare or sumphin’. I’ve got to sell food stamps fuh a lil’ mas ‘tory or what?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Who’s on Facebook?

    My take:
    Brazil is bess, as usual. Notice how she is SEXY & COVERED.
    I’m sorry, but for a lovely country, Antigua’s peacock looks like it dey pon crack. Too sparse for ah high caliber competition like that. It crooked too. The unitard makes me think of Spiderman.
    I do like the popping color & symmetry of Aruba’s though. Pheasant feathers never hurt one’s chances. Just ask Wendy.
    Panama looks as if she’s about to break out drumming and start singing “Babalu”.
    Paraguay is pretty in color, but I don’t know if she is supposed to be a butterfly, a tree, a bellydancer, or an instrument (lyre).
    StLucia’s reminds me of a very poor rendition of Magdalene Walcott’s “Masquerade” costume.
    Uruguay is wearing my fav color, but ole gyel looks high and looks as if she’s gonna start doing the Charo “Coochi Coochi” dance.

    It’s been a sad day for TNT pageant contestants ever since Harts stopped doing the costuming. We haven’t won in that category since. Ick!
    And now we’re not sending anyone at all? Send meh nah Peter, I could use de lil’ trip, LOL!

    Valene is lovely and has gorgeous skin, I wish her well. I thought she wore that Fireman costume to de hottest depths of the blazing abyss and back. Go girl!

    Manic enuff 4u Sarce?

  • saucydiva

    Thanks much Dolli,I would love to hear your take on the evening gowns 😀

  • Nicky

    my turn my turn lol. dolli, LOL lmao

    i luv aruba but the headpiece looking like it was made in brazil for sum reason

    the first time i saw panama, for sum reason, rihanna came to mind.

    antigua as much as they mek noise for mas, they always coming up wid crap when it comes to ms. universe. i remembered last time this chick been in BUSH trying to strut like she on a runway, no offense anu’s but we know u can do alot better.

    as much as i luv my soufriere chick, st. lucia’s costume just looking ‘irie’ for me, no wow. it reminds me of a grasshopper.

    i saw a clip of uraguay’s costume and when she open her arms, it look like she s’pose to be a bird or something, very nice. but where da beads or ne substitution of it ‘pon da pantie?

    seeing dem spanish costumes got me thinking that their carnival dos be good enuff too. y dey hiding?

    anyways, when i went on tha website, i saw no TnT. i was like waaaaa??? that’s a first! and it seems to me that y’all mostly look forward to seeing the costumes, esp tnt in the pagaent. i just watch to support my caribbean queens, mostly the english, french and dutch. don’t call me anything that ends in ‘ist’ but p.r. and s.domingo together with the latino countries getting to overrated, don’t u think? and the thing that bugs me most they winning and eh dat well in english. wa up with dat? if u need a translator in the show then thats a no-no in my books.

    hmm….ill have to check out bim and u.s.v.i, where i live. i’ll def be tuning on @ 9 memorial day. may the best 1 wins!!!!!