May 22, 2018

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Flirt… New Band Alert for Carnival 2014

Flirt… New Band Alert for Carnival 2014

This one went under my radar, but Flirt Carnival launched on August 14th and their website with prices is already up! A brand new band for Carnival 2014 this is what the band is about:

FLIRT Carnival is a small Carnival Masquerade band being launched in Trinidad and Tobago in 2014. The goal of this band’s creators is to revive the essence of a True Trini masquerade, complete with incomparable fun. Service will be second to none.

2014 will see a new beginning for masqueraders who share one common belief:-

Ready for a revival of the traditional carnival experience in Trinidad and Tobago’s masquerade culture, the newest addition to the array of beautiful masquerade bands to steal the hearts of street parade lovers in 2014 is Flirt.

The band has been designed to encourage people from every corner of the universe to partake in a carnival experience that is economical, beautiful and thrilling while delivering all of the other perks of pronounced bands of recent years.

Flirt will bring the masquerader all-inclusive enjoyment, efficient security, beautiful costumes, order and structure, tasty meals, A- list DJ’s and personalities plus the real revelry that carnival has lost.

In 2014 we will explore La Isla De Calor- The Island of Heat. We will place a delicate touch to our costuming design that will personify the beauty of this hot, Caribbean island- designs that will touch your spirit in a very special way.

Journey with Flirt to La Isla De Calor…




 More costumes on the website here:


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