May 22, 2018

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Ms Universe Costume Competition

Ms Universe Costume Competition

Since Trinidad and Tobago has no delegate at the Ms Universe pageant this year (drama with the pageant organizers putting their foot down about lack of sponsorship by Government) I have to admit the whole build up to the pageant holds no interest to me whatsoever. This is a huge departure for me as I am an avid Ms Universe fan, always following the press leading up to the event on websites such as Global Beauties and in fact I went to the Ms Universe pageant in 1999 the year it was held in Trinidad.

Apart from evening gown one of the fun categories for me is National Costume, especially since when it came to our delegates of the past Harts provided the National Costume (recent times have seen this change) which were always elaborate Carnival costumes which to me is quite apt seeing as it is “National” costume and what could be more fitting than an ode to our national festival Carnival!

Remember this winning costume worn by Wendy Fitzwilliam in 1998 which was perfect for her in every way:

Or this one worn by Amanda Jardine:

Heidi Rostant wore this costume in Greece:

And Nicole Dyer’s wining costume the year the pageant was held here:

So it was somewhat bittersweet to view photos from the costume competition of Ms Universe 2007 which was held yesterday as Trinidad and Tobago had no fabulous costume on show yet I still wanted to see the costumes! Of the photos that I did peruse some were nostalgic to what Trinidad and Tobago usually represents while others failed (what happened to Antigua and Barbuda?) Of all the costumes this one is my favourite as I am getting a Myths and Magic vibe from Ms Brazil’s costume, check out them wings!:




Antigua and Barbuda


St. Lucia


For the full gallery of National Costume photos you can visit Global Beauties or the Ms Universe official website.

Good news though, we will be represented at the Ms World pageant by Valene Maharaj (last seen modelling a Fireman costume). Here is wishing her luck in that pageant, pity there will be no costume competition, however! Ah well, there is always 2008 to look forward to.

photo source:
Global Beauties
Trini Pulse
Harts Carnival

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