October 25, 2016

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Save the Date it’s Band Launch Season 2014!

Save the Date it’s Band Launch Season 2014!



Band: Tribe

Presentation: TRIBE 10

Band Launch Date:  July 20


Band: Fantasy Carnival

Presentation: Secrets of the Deep

Band Launch Date:  July 27


Band: Bliss

Presentation: Tribute

Band Launch Date: July 28

Band: Paparazzi Carnival

Presentation: Center Stage

Band Launch Date:  July 31


Band: Petlemas

Presentation: Safari

Band Launch Date:  August 3

Band: Yuma

Presentation: Cirque

Band Launch Date:  August 10


Band: Dream Team

Presentation: I Am

Band Launch Date:  August 10


Band: Ronnie & Caro

Presentation: The River Come Down

Band Launch Date:  August 29

Band: Showtime Trinidad

Presentation: The Awakening of Mas

Band Launch Date:  October 5



 Band: Island People

Presentation: The Whole – Magic, Mystery and Marvel

Band: Trini Revellers

Presentation: The Sultan’s Palace


 Band: Legacy

Presentation: Nature’s Touch 

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