October 21, 2017

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Spotlight on St Martin Carnival

Spotlight on St Martin Carnival

Here is a fun fact, did you know that St Martin is the smallest island in the world to be divided between two countries? On one side of the island we have the French and the other it is Dutch. Consequently Carnival is celebrated by both sides of the island, while the Dutch Carnival is the larger , more well known Carnival, the French have been steadily carving out their own mark on the Carnival celebrations as well. Derived from the French tradition of Creole Mas, this pre lenten festival boasts a communal vibe centered on community.

  • As St Martin Carnival gains popularity, for 2018 Jamboree mas plans on taking the mas experience to another level,

  • with lots of exciting developments in store! Save the date, French side carnival February 11th and 13th 2018. Who or what is JAMBOREE?

    On a 37 sq. miles island in the North Eastern Caribbean, shared by the French & Dutch, where the people live harmoniously – Jamboree was created young entrepreneur & event planner, Mr. Jelani Fleming (21). Jamboree is primarily as referred to in Trinidad & other English Caribbean islands – a carnival mas band, or as referred to in Saint-Martin – a carnival troop. The goal of this newly formed group is to bring a Trinidad experience to the island through a variety of fetes that will serve as fundraisers but also to raise the bar as to how mas bands are organized & the various benefits that revelers gain from the launch of the band straight down to the actual carnival season.

    The ultimate soca fête & band launch, scheduled for Saturday,

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